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About Me

I have been practicing therapy since 2006 and prior to that worked in a variety of social service areas. I have a license in Marriage and Family Therapy and enjoy working with individuals, couples, and families. I provide supervision to therapists working toward earning their license as well as teaching in a Graduate program for Mental Health Counseling.

I chose this field of mental health therapy because I want to impact others lives in a meaningful and effective way. I believe that people have the ability to make change that can improve their life in ways they never dreamed possible. I have seen this in a personal way and with those that I have worked with.

I love living in the Northwest and enjoy spending my personal time in the outdoors and with family and friends. I enjoy reading, playing the piano, eating good food, hiking, snow shoeing, and listening to music. I try to be active in those things that help me feel more like me and I find that this is one of the keys to feeling happy and satisfied with my life. Choosing to be a therapist has also helped me to feel more like me and keeps me satisfied and committed to providing a service in which clients experience meaningful change in their lives.

My philosophy of working with clients is one of collaboration. I expect that you will look to me to be the “expert” on the therapies and the therapy process but I will look to you to be expert on you. I find that this process is one that is effective, meaningful, and efficient. I believe that I can help you make those changes that enhance the quality of your life experiences and in your relationships.